Drumset for Beginners Latin by Paul Hose


The vast genre that is Latin music is a daunting task to begin to understand, particularly for drums and percussion. This book will provide you with a valuable introduction to the building blocks of Latin music, accompanied by in depth analysis, encouragement of self development and most importantly, application!

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Foreword from the book

A concise, accessible, and beginner-friendly drum book which attempts to present Latin drumming to those with little or no prior experience of the genre is a bold undertaking. Few educators would dare it, and fewer could pull it off. The prequel to this book, Drum Set for Beginners Vol. 1, dedicated a chapter to this topic and, I must say, pulled it off rather splendidly, both as a workbook for the student, and a structured guide for the teacher.

Having been a student of Paul Hose myself, I have experienced first-hand his knowledge and passion for Latin drumming. I remember when we approached the topic in one of our lessons, feeling absolutely and utterly unsure as to what I was doing. Within the hour, I was grooving in a hitherto unknown style, using a Clavé, and, perhaps most importantly, understanding why.

In writing the chapter from Vol. 1, and the entirety of this new book, Paul’s task was to capture the same level of passion, excitement, and clarity of explanation that accompanied his lessons. Having watched his process of writing this book, having enjoyed the (frankly fabulous) play-along tracks, having engraved many of the musical examples, and having read cover to cover the words within, I am delighted to see that he has done just that. We are faced here with not just a chapter, but a whole book focused on this enigmatic and emotive drumming style. The same clarity of information is present which guide both student and teacher through the maze of styles, rhythms, and challenges of the genre, all with an enthusiastic and clear explanation of why. Any drummer looking for that first step on the Latin drumming journey need look no further, and I look forward to using this book for myself and with my own students for years to come.

Jonathan Curtis, March 2016


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