Drumset for Beginners Rudiments Unlocked by Paul Hose and Felipe Drago


Combining historical context and stylistic awareness with progressive technical exercises together with a beautifully deisgned classroom poster.

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Drumset for Beginners Rudiments Unlocked by Paul Hose and Felipe Drago

Another triumph in Paul Hose’s tour de force Drumset for Beginners series! This book is an excellent beginners book on the rudiments and applying them to the drumset to create grooves. Starting out with suggested positions for holding the sticks, and how to get comfortable at the drumset, the authors then lay out the history of the rudiments and how the generally accepted Rudiments expanded over time to reach the 40 Rudiments that we know today. Covered are the various rudiment families “Rolls and Ruffs”, “Diddles”, Flams and Drags”. All examples are accompanied by online videos and audio. (The digital version contains these all within the App). This excellent and well thought out publication is a welcome addition for the young drummer and will get them off to a great start and moving down the road to have fun and become an excellent drummer.


This beautifully illustrated book includes access to extensive online material, which includes video demonstrations. The book also comes complete with a beautifully designed classroom poster. This dynamic series of books is not only for the beginner who has never played before, they are for those wishing to explore new areas of their playing and genres of music for the first time. They are also the perfect teaching companion. From your first experience on the drums, to Latin, Jazz, Rudiments, Rhythmic Theory and much more besides, this series of books has it all.


Private practitioners and those working at education institutions alike from across the world now have these books in their repertoire.