Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer Volume 2 by Jim Chapin


This book presents a fascinating and unique methodology into studying the drums. It comprises a unique and ingenious format that includes an incredibly wide scope of study. Learner activities range from relatively simple exercises to concepts that may actually inspire the future of drumming.


Often referred to as book 2, Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer Volume 2 by Jim Chapin offers an insight into the mind of this legendary drummer.

Building on his groundbreaking work, this book – published in 1971 – is an opus is based on on the belief that no two drummers are the same. Chapin encourages the reader to create their own curriculum resulting in a unique learner experience.

The open End

Innovative in design, Independence, The Open End features removable pages that can be superimposed over each other to create seemingly endless patterns. It was generally agreed that one could never really “finish” the book. Expensive to produce, the book has only been published sporadically in limited quantities, and is somewhat of a collector’s item. In 2004 Paul Hose travelled to New York and bought the last copies of the original print run. These copies are now for sale here at! At the request of Chapin himself, this book will never be printed again.

Important notes

This stock of textbooks are from the original print run circa 1971. They can not therefore be considered as brand new. They are however un-used and are not preowned. The stock was left for ruin to be discovered in Jim’s son’s garden and subsiquently purchased in 2004. All copies sold include:

  • The original plastic folder
  • Original yellow sheets
  • Original blue sheets
  • Sadly none of the clear plastic sheets have survived. To conpensate for this loss, a workable copy is provided.

To be clear, these manuscripts are rare collectors items and the stock is now few in number. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.